We’ve all drilled too hard and fast and ruined the thread in a bolt hole, or else destroyed the head on a screw. But don’t worry: there are solutions to every problem.


When you can’t make a screw turn

Add material which can provide some grip. Forcing cloth or rubber into the head can increase leverage and torque to make a lost screw turn when applying a screwdriver. Anything from rubber bands to steel wool can potentially get in the head and provide torque. Also: push down hard as you rotate.


Cut a notch for a flat head screwdriver

If it’s possible to get a hacksaw or dremel up to the screw, you may wish to saw a deep slot into which you can insert a flathead screwdriver.


Have you heard of a screw extractor?

If you need to remove a screw buried deeply and it’s worth a bit of money to get it right, invest in a screw extractor. This device is a lot like a screwdriver but it’s reverse-threaded right at the tip and made of hard metal. It can force its way into the screw to enable you to get torque from the inside with which to pull it out.


Stripped bolt hole / screw hole solution

When a screw or bolt is overtightened, or is too large, it’ll strip the grooves which let a fastener sit snugly. Helicoils are a type of screw lock which can be threaded into any hole that has been stripped, providing resistance to make fasteners fasten.

The other solution is a thread tap, which can be dipped into a hole and will then cut or reshape the hole.


A nut that won’t give up?

Commercial nut crackers are available, believe it or not. This tool is fastened around the nut, then you crank it until a split in the nut appears and it can be pulled off. Sometimes a drill can help with this – if it’s possible to drill into the bolt, you can relieve some pressure, but it means cutting or grinding out metal.


If all else fails, there is also liquid thread repair

This will form a hard, tight close around the hole.


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