Perhaps you’ve moved family members into the garage and now you want it as weathertight as your home. Maybe you have a new wall, or may you just a couple of rotten weatherboards. Whatever the case, replacing rotten weatherboards begins with the obvious: finding a new weatherboard. You may be able to match your original material or the job may necessitate buying something synthetic. Renovation Warehouse almost always has weatherboards in stock. We have weatherboards, dressing grade and of varying lengths (150×25 and 250×25) treated to the H3.1/H3.2 standard you need to keep the rain out.


Now, the job begins.

1 Find the Studs


Firstly, you don’t have to replace the entire weatherboard if you’re sure the rotten/damaged section is confined. Once you have access to the damaged section of weatherboard, use a pen to mark the centre/location of the two nearest studs on each side of the damaged section of weatherboard. You may wish to stagger your joins. Cut out the damaged section of weatherboard and when the new piece is slotted in it should touch the stud.


2 Cut the new weatherboard to size.

Once your new weatherboard is cut to size, it can be useful to pre-drill holes through the boards into the stud so as not to split the weatherboard. Nail the new board in, but don’t forget to tap the nail so it’s flush (nails can half a flat or rounded head, but they need to be flush and they need to disappear well into the wood to be filled).

Annular grooved nails can be a good weatherboard option as the increased holding power of their grooves prevents nails falling out.

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