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We always stock a big variety of kitchen sinks, benches and counter tops at Renovation Warehouse. Components we salvage from houses and pass cheaply onto you include artificial granite sinks, stainless steel sinks, melamine shelving, kitchen units with sink plus top plus base, and stainless steel benchtops.

It all starts with the right pipes

Now, once you’ve got your components just about ready to install in your DIY kitchen and sink, the first trick to sort out the pipes to connect adequately to your sink. Any pipes whose connection isn’t watertight with the right join will have ongoing leaks leading to corrosion.

Secondly there is the issue of low water pressure. Put in too many fixtures and it can strain the plumbing system, weakening and lowering the water pressure. Often it’s best to buy your sink from Renovation Warehouse then call in a professional plumber for the tricky bits.


Don’t forget the vents!

Plumbing vents expel air and sewer fumes outside from your home. The vents have the added effect of keeping the drainage pressure consistent. Noxious vapours and fumes will back up if your kitchen plumbing isn’t adequately connected in this way.


You can’t change the size of a sink, but you can change your cabinets

Get your cabinets and countertop constructed around the dimensions of the sink.  Cabinets can easily have wood and melamine bits added on or taken off to fill in the space but that’s impossible to do with a stainless steel sink.


Flaws with the floor

While it’s very easy to put the sink and cupboards in and then cut the floor as it abuts the sink and cupboards, it’s not good for spills. Later on during appliance repairs, you’re going to be left with an inconsistent flooring pattern. Take out the appliances – strip everything back to the wall – then ensure your vinyl, lino or other flooring is perfect. There’s not really any going back and it’s hard to put in a piece of replacement floor later.


While you’re picking up your counter top, sink, cupboards and shelves from Renovation Warehouse, don’t forget to avail yourself of all those other bits you might need – fixtures, fittings and fasteners, joinery, plywood and event casement windows and doors.

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