Northland’s second hand building supplies specialists.

Renovation Warehouse is a locally owned and operated company specialising in second-hand building supplies as well as carrying brand new, merchant and utility grade supplies.

Our friendly and experienced team will help you find what you need from our range of brand new and recycled building materials and other items, to complete your building restoration or renovation project.

We have 30+ years of experience in demolition, and sourcing and salvaging building supplies, house-parts, and fittings and fixtures. We can usually find what you are looking for, or provide you with a practical alternative solution.

Tell us what you need in second hand building supplies.

The Renovation Warehouse team; staff who know their stuff.

Renovation Warehouse won’t leave you, the customer, in the hands of a novice who has never got dirt under his or her fingernails. Our people are the face on our renovation reputation, and it’s essential that our staff – many of who have been with us for well over a decade –have real experience in building, demolition, construction, DIY, landscaping, renovation and running their own business. This means they can help you work out exactly what to expect from the new, used and end of line building materials you can pick up at Renovation Warehouse. They’ll help you understand the quality and lifespan of what you’re buying, how to get it home, how to fasten and secure it, how to maintain it, and they’re always full of those little tips to make the job more predictable and less stressful.

Down to earth, approachable and outgoing, our true blue Kiwi crew come from backgrounds including building, repair and home maintenance, painting and decorating on fixed and relocated homes, the used building products trade, stacking and even farming. It’s this depth of real relevant expertise that makes the Renovation Warehouse approach different. We know how much it means to be able to pick up a used door for half the price of a new door and how the little things make all the difference – such as never buying a second hand lockable door which doesn’t come with a key!

As the manager once put it, Everyone who works here brings their own area of knowledge from the building industry, along with a love of helping people find what they need for their restoration project or house repair work.”

The team on Kioreroa Road in Whangarei are a cross-section of genuine Northland good sorts, so when you come in and see us, be sure to sing out and ask whatever you need to know to get the job done as hassle-free as possible.