The versatility of Ply! - Renovation Warehouse

Plywood – one of the most versatile building materials around – and we have stacks of it here at Renovation Warehouse.

We have both treated and untreated plywood, in varying thicknesses from 7mm through to 28mm and everything in between.

What is there not to love about the humble plywood! So what is it exactly? Plywood is manufactured using sheets of wooden veneer which are glued and pressed together, while rotating the direction of the grains so that they cross each other to ensure a super tough building material that can be used in so many ways. History shows the first patents surrounding plywood were lodged in 1797 by a British naval engineer who sought a stronger building material.

Plywood for Indoors & Outdoors

It can be used both indoors (untreated) and outdoors (treated) and is perfect for renovations. And we have it cheaper than anywhere! What you get from us is often budget grade plywood, however every so often we have premium stock at budget prices due to our suppliers having an excess of older stock. Either way, it’s a win win for our customers as they can get the supplies they need at the prices that suit their budgets – plus for the most part, you are buying New Zealand made too!

Treated or Untreated Plywood?

Need to build a dog house? A garden shed? A kids’ play house? Treated plywood would suit perfectly – and if you paint it, it will last longer too. We have both H3.2 and H3.1 regularly in stock. For those inside projects, untreated plywood will do the trick! Create custom cabinetry, bookshelves or even a dolls’ house.

Renovation Warehouse – we really do have a huge range of all the timber products you need for your renovation or home handy man project. Our stock is ever-changing so we highly recommend popping in regularly to see what we have to offer you each week. Drive in our drive thru, shop around and load up the bargains!

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