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Bring light back into your shady spots with polyester roofing – what is that, you may ask?

If we say Ampelite, Alsynite, Skylight, Sunproof, Suntuf… does that help? These brands are renowned for their polyester roofing and the difference it can make in your outdoor areas, garages and garden sheds.

Polyester roofing to maximise your living space

Maximise your living space and add a stylish classic touch with corrugated polyester roofing panels over your pergola or conservatory.  Also known as polycarbonate roofing or fibreglass roofing, these panels can bring a whole new look to your industrial, commercial, horticultural or residential project.

Here at Renovation Warehouse, we can slash the budget on your build with our range of clear panels, which includes seconds, industrial grade and end of line bulk lots.

The glass reinforced panels let in plenty of natural light, while blocking damaging UV rays from the sun and pollutants from the atmosphere.

Create a natural indoor outdoor flow without being stuck in the shadows; avoid too much artificial light in an office environment; or simply add natural light to your garden shed so you can always find the right tool for the job. Something so simple that can make such a difference!

Polyester roofing for greenhouses

Greenhouses gain greatly from polyester roofing – get all the advantages of full sunshine without the pitfalls of elements that go with it. Protect your prize fruits and vegetables, utilise the roofing panels to create the right atmosphere for your crops.

Our stock constantly changes, with new deliveries arriving daily. If you are looking for a bulk lot of polyester roofing panels or anything particular item or supplies for your renovation or building project, give us a call and let us know your needs. We are here to help, and save you money too!

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