Installing your own Lino: Five easy steps - Renovation Warehouse

Before you buy vinyl flooring from Renovation Warehouse, you’ll need to get your tools and materials sorted.

Tools you’ll need will include

  • A hand roller
  • Tape measure
  • A trowel for smoothing out your adhesive
  • Lino knife/craft knife
  • Pencil or pen

Material you’ll need includes

  • Adhesive/floor glue
  • Masking tape

And don’t forget the flooring itself– linoleum aka vinyl!

Make a plan of the room you are lining

Your drawing/sketch should note all dimensions of the room. It can be helpful to have this plan with you when you are picking up your lino from the helpful crew at Renovation Warehouse. When you are calculating how much lino to buy, add a few centimetres to each of the room’s dimensions. That’ll prevent your lino from coming up short. It’s better to start off with too much lino than too little.

Smooth your floor

Sweep or even wash the floor and while running your scraper over it, watch for any bumps or pits. If possible, fill in any holes or low-lying areas with silicon or similar filler. If you don’t do this, you could be looking at pits after the lino is attached.

Patching the holes involves squirting the silicone into any bits which aren’t level then scraping it smooth and flat.

Lay out your precisely-cut lino (remembering a few inches overlap)

Lay out your flooring material and use a pencil or pen to mark the area where the excess will be cut out. Make relief cuts when you hit cupboards, the edge of the bathtub etc. A classic box cutter or lino craft knife is what you want to use to trim your edges. The cut-off bits may be useful in future if the lino is damaged, so it’s a good idea to save these.

To Glue Or Not To Glue?

Make a decision about gluing your lino down. Most people do glue the lino on, but some choose to put lino over wooden floorboards as adhesive could damage the wood. One option is to just glue the perimeter of your lino.

Spread your adhesive on the floor

When your lino is perfectly positioned, peel back the edge then glue. You should have spread your adhesive consistently. For full adhesion, spread the adhesive material onto the entire floor surface and roll the vinyl flooring back down into place. Press down with a block or hand roller and apply firm pressure to ensure a good bond is made. That’ll take 2-4 hours drying. Try not to walk on it for the first 24 hours. After that, she should be good to go. Remember – glue being often a solvent based product, adequate ventilation or breathing apparatus is required.

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