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What can a deck do for my house?

Houses can be challenging to expand and this is why decks make so much sense. Adding a deck creates a new area to enjoy barbecues and views, and a deck is so easy to clean with a broom, hose or water blaster.

If it’s less than one metre above the ground, your deck doesn’t require a building consent or need to have a balustrade fitted, although it’s important to check with your local council about requirements around a deck cover / roof as this may require building consent. Certainly a heavy addition such as a spa pool or conservatory will require you to get your build approved by your council. When you’re ready for those sorts of serious challenges, we have casement sashes, French doors windows and other joinery you may want to add to your deck. Don’t forget – decks with a fall distance to the ground of over 1 m will require a handrail. We can help and advise with sourcing the right timber for your deck rail.

When you are ready to roof, Renovation Warehouse can help with a huge range of polyester and polycarbonate roofing to cover your deck.

What kind of timber are best for decks?

H3.2 and above is the grade of timber most suitable for decks. H3.2 means the timber is suitable for external above ground use, H4 suits timber in contact with the ground, although H5 is best for piles and is also a requirement when working with a building consent.

The parts of your deck most likely to be in contact with the ground are your piles, so those will need to be concreted in to a depth of at least 450mm. You’ll be pleased to know Renovation Warehouse stocks a selection H4 and H5 posts to build your deck on.

Renovation Warehouse has a range of decking timber (grooved one side and smooth on the other) at some of the best prices in New Zealand.

Our range of economy pine decking timber comes in a range of lengths with sizes including:

  • 100 x 40
  • 100 x 25
  • 150 x 40

Finish it with a beaut stain

Put a dark timber stains on your deck and you’ll retain the timber’s natural look and character.

Some stains are semi-transparent and have a light pigment, so your texture and grain will show up. For areas facing strong sunlight (usually north) try a transparent acrylic finish. This won’t obscure your wood’s colour and texture, but bear in mind additional coats will intensify and darken your decking timber’s colour. Plus remember the stain will darken as it dries.

It doesn’t hurt to give your outdoor furniture a lick of protection while you are at it too!

Don’t forget the metal bits!

You shouldn’t have exposed nail heads. They’re a hazard and they invite water to enter the wood. According to NZ Safety Standard 3604 4.3.5, your decking fixtures including nails, bolts and brackets have to be either stainless steel, hot dip galvanised or epoxy-coated. This will prevent them rusting, and you do not want rust. Any rust will create weaknesses and could potentially lead to a deck slat or rail giving way and injuring somebody.

Renovation Warehouse is here to help with all the decking timber you’re going to need to build your own Kiwi dream. We have a knowledgeable team that can advise on building your deck and the materials you will need to build it.

Good Luck!

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