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Nearly every house in New Zealand has it, most new building plans includes it, and people make their professions based around plastering it… gypsum board is an integral part of nearly every housing build or renovation project and we have piles of the stuff!

With the one product having many different names within the building industry, including  Gib board, plasterboard, Lockwall, Sheetrock and drywall, gypsum board is a universally dependable product that is used as internal walls of nearly every house, office, and school building in the country.

Made from a thick layer of gypsum plaster between two sheets of paper, it’s an essential building or renovation material and here at Renovation Warehouse we have all the gypsum board you need – we have plenty of it and with some of the best prices in the country too! Some might even call it cheap, but we think it is great quality and top value for your dollar. Our stock is made in both China and Germany and is of very high quality, but deemed as seconds only because it isn’t BRANZ accredited in NZ.

We also have Aqua Gypsum (Similar to AquaGib just without the branding), perfect for any wet area of your home like bathrooms and laundries. We also have all the fittings and glues you need to make sure it stays where you put it. We like to make your job as easy as possible!

Renovation Warehouse is the home of everything you need to complete (or start) your renovation project, whether big or small. Come and have a wander around and see what we have, find what you need (or want) and we know you will save money too as our prices are great and very competitive too!

So come on in, check us out at 29 Kioreroa Road in Whangarei – see you soon!

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