Which panels are best used inside?

Ah, the mighty panel.

Types of manufactured composite wood include plywood, pinex softboard, strand board, oil-tempered Masonite hardboard, laminated veneer and fibreboard, also known as particleboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF). There is even transparent wood composite being brewed up in laboratories around the world.

It’s manufactured by taking the particles, strands and fibres of wood and adding glue and pressure to stiffen it into boards which can be easily cut into shape. Often manufactured wood panels can have the right coating applied to give them water resistant qualities.

Plasterboard used to be the go-to for interior linings and although plasterboard may last for years, once it’s on the wall, it’s hard to take down.

Outside Options

A lot of the manufactured composite products mentioned above are now making up artificial weatherboards – plastic, composite and uPVC.
At Renovation Warehouse we often stock a type of exterior-treated plywood (resembling Shadowclad) in large sheets, treated to H3.1 or H3.2 standard which means it can take a fair bit of rain. Panels we sell tend to measure 2440 x 1200 x 12mm.

Come on in and see us for advice on what bargains to snap up to line the walls of your bathroom, kitchen or outside. Bear in mind the savings you’re receiving, too. The money you save at Renovation Warehouse could be used for something fancier in another part of the house.

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