Roofing Options

Roofing Options

When it comes to roofing, you have options. The heaviest one by far is Concrete Tiles, but here’s why you’d use them, plus a look at the more common options.

Concrete Tiles are the most economical, and durable roofing material available. As with concrete bridges, and structural elements in buildings, concrete tiles don’t warp, rust or corrode and are impervious to ice. They’re tank water and salt safe, provide thermal insulation and moisture control, as well as an acoustic buffer. Concrete roofing tiles are low maintenance and offer excellent performance in high wind areas, and are a generally sound investment.        

Decramastic Tiles incorporating asbestos were in regular production up to the early 1980s. Today’s Decramastic tiles are scooped metal, sometimes known as pressed-metal tiles, 'stone chip roofs', and Decrabond, and are pressed with bitumen or mastic in an entirely different process.

Steel- Roofing is New Zealand’s most popular choice with options between Galvanised, Zinc, and Pre-painted. The advantages are that long-run sections can be obtained, and steel is lighter and cheaper than concrete roofing.

Polyester roofing includes a tough polyester layer which is an important component of the material that stops the reinforcing filaments being exposed, thereby extending the life of the sheet. Polyester roofing also prevents 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays. Needs regular washing and anti mould treatment to keep it at its best.

Polycarbonate roofing is usually ribbed or corrugated and is manufactured from durable thermoplastic material which is very strong. It’s easy to work with because it’s light. Another advantages is the capacity to sustain hot or cold climate extremes which makes it a dependable roofing option. It provides great overhead cover for conservatories, and garages, and over decks and carports and is ideal for keeping light and warmth in, while excluding rain and sunburn. Needs regular washing and anti mould treatment to keep it at its best.

Because roofing is always in demand, we carry ranges of each of the above materials in stock, and we often have second hand materials which might be ideal for the project you’re working on.

A wide variety of Roofing Screws and fittings, from small handy packs to bulk containers for the bigger jobs are always in stock at Renovation Warehouse. 

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