Carpet that’s durable, basic in colour and cheap can make a surface non-slip, attractive and inviting and better for socialising.

At Renovation Warehouse our cheap outdoor carpet is often snapped up for decks, garages and workshops, protecting surfaces and providing some insulation.


What we stock (almost always in two-metre wide strips) includes:

  • Gel-backed two metre wide budget garage carpet. This stuff can be used for any showroom or hard-wearing floor. It’s dark so stains don’t show up. Glued down it offers water resistance and stops the chances of slipping.
  • Polyflor vinyl will shed water nicely. You’ll want to lay it down on a surface that’s flat and have a drain or a place to remove the water to. Often polyflor vinyl is used as a base to put gym equipment on, or interiors where lots of people are eating and making messes which require mopping.
  • We usually stock Crusader UV resin-backed carpet for rough, outdoor or wet use. Sometimes known as needlepunch carpet, it’s most often used on ramps/walkways, decks and terraces. Other places to use this hard-wearing material include as flooring in schools, where students may make a lot of mess; exhibition rooms; storage areas; and outdoor sporting areas where people don’t want to be in contact with the concrete. It’s low-maintenance yet pleasing to the eye. A non-woven carpet, this stuff is
    • Manufactured entirely from polypropylene.
    • Its fibres are anchored into either resin, gel rubber or foam backing.
    • It doesn’t shed, doesn’t pill and the yarn used is known as miracle fibre.
    • Crusader UV resin-backed carpet also has anti-allergenic properties, as well as being mildew/mould resistant, which is peace of mind when it’s being placed in a boat and may be exposed to a lot of water. Think boats, decks, man caves and covered patios.


At Renovation Warehouse we always have in stock cheap carpet. It’s something that keeps customers coming back and is so handy for making a surface presentable. We’re driven by savings and always able to pass excellent prices onto you. Come and see our carpet range at our large covered warehouse at 28 Kioreroa Road in Whangarei or contact Renovation Warehouse for more information on our cheap carpet options.

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