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Northland is a place of generous temperatures and lovely scenery. We enjoy a culture of barbecues on the deck, verandahs and patios and life outside the house with the convenience of having the kitchen a few metres away.

When making the most of deck culture, the question must be asked: should I go for a simple, non-decorative door with glass panels of the largest size possible (ranch slider), or is it a better idea to install an ornamental door, more beautiful to look at, with less glass and glass-related problems?

Here are some of the benefits of both types of door, so you can make your decision then pop down to Renovation Warehouse to order one.

French Doors

French doors are glass panels in timber frames which come in a pair. Their hinges allow them to swing outward onto the deck.

French doors add to your living space by opening into an alfresco dining area, steps or lawn. They let light in, it’s easy to replace the glass panels if broken, and you can open one or both of them to allow a cooling breeze in in summer.

Because of the way they let the light into the house, French doors can also create a feeling of having extra space. They’re elegant and a more classy-looking option than the ranch slider.

At Renovation Warehouse, we usually have French doors in stock, typically H3.2 treated pine or Cedar, and we can order anything that’s not on the shop floor.  Dimensions you can expect are 1200w by at least 2000 high. Those we stock are mostly brand new although occasionally second hand French doors come through the store. When you’re ready to order yours, we’ll give you advice on how Toll Relocation or Mainfreight can get it delivered.

Ranchsliders / sliding doors

We usually stock many sliding doors at Renovation Warehouse, at approximately the same size and same price as French doors (note – typical dimensions of sliding doors sold at Renovation Warehouse are 2400 wide by 2000mm high, with an aluminium frame).

Sliding doors let in a huge amount of light, allow easy access to the deck and are usually concealed with lace curtains and full curtains (unlike French doors, which can take a bit more work to cover up with curtains). Ranchsliders, because of their huge panes of glass, won’t offer strong insulation qualities unless the glass is double glazed, although on a nice day with plenty of warm weather when you’re keen to look out at a view of the ocean or your garden, ranchsliders are much nicer to look at than French doors. They’re lockable, too, and those sold at Renovation Warehouse come with a key.

Remember, Renovation Warehouse has a huge range of aluminium joinery, so we can help you source window too to match the ranchslider.

Check out our stock on TradeMe, and if you have any questions, come in store and have a yarn to Rick and the team.

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