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Casement windows typically come in a pair, with once brace in the middle, a common frame, and hinges on the far left and right sides.

Unlike sash windows, casements open wide, allowing for great ventilation and often coming with a good-sized pane of glass for a great view. They open with easily-replaceable handles/stays made of materials like lead. Casements are particularly good to have over anything which creates steam (for ventilation reasons) so they’re useful in that bathroom you’re doing up, or over the sink.

At Renovation Warehouse, we always have single windows or the entire casement available for sale. Once you’ve bought yours, the tricky part is installing it – but that tricky part is easier than you think.

Before installing the window, of course, you need to get those measurements pretty good. You’ll need a tiny bit of wiggle room around the edges so the casement slides in perfectly, because if you have to sand the wooden edges of a window which is too large, the vibrations of your sanding could potentially destroy the glass in your window.

It’s waterproofing time

Once you’ve checked the dimensions and you’re sure your casement will slot in easily, it’s time for waterproof flashing. If you don’t have this under the wood, rain and condensation can creep in where your casement meets the house frame.

Do have a look at the options at Renovation Warehouse at 28 Kioreroa Road. We have an entire room devoted to windows and you’re sure to find the dimensions you need for any sized opening.

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