Aluminium Joinery Advantages

Unlike gold, silver, iron or most other metals, aluminium is not a true metal because it is made from bauxite. Bauxite is a rock containing aluminium bearing minerals and varying amounts of iron oxides, and soluble as well as insoluble materials. The aluminium is smelted from the bauxite using several processes, chief among which is heat.

With this wonderful natural resource, aluminium has been available for a variety of applications such as aluminium joinery since the late 1950s, but was then very expensive and therefore not much utilised.

Today aluminium windows, louvres, and sliding doors are often the preferred choice. They are cheaper, there’s no timber to rot, or be eaten by borer and termites, and they can last well beyond wooden window frames and doors. Modern aluminium joinery is draft free, and is available with the choice of colour already applied. Some woods swell up to 10% in heavy moisture conditions and can cause your joinery to jam until it has released the moisture. That doesn’t happen with aluminium, although you may find a bit of extra condensation which is easily wiped dry.

After thirty years or so, your aluminium joinery might look less than fabulous but here’s a tip.  Use a cutting compound generally made to bring car paint back to life (remember to protect the glass), and your joinery will look just like new. We’ve tried it. It works a treat. Some cutting compounds incorporate a wax which when left on ‘cut’ joinery, protects against oxidation and grime, helping to seal the metal from the worst of weather elements.

At Renovation Warehouse we carry some of the most popular window and door sizes in three colours: Arctic White, New Denim Blue, and Flax Pod. From time to time we bring less common sizes in second hand, but we always have the basics in stock at most times.

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